Never burn bridges

I was recently approached by a manager - we’ll call him Steve - with whom I worked at a previous company. They had a major issue with their primary domain, but Godaddy would not speak to them, they would only speak with me. It turns out that despite my handover, nobody had actioned the change of administrator when our engagement ended.

Steve asked if I would take a call from Godaddy and assist them in changing the ownership so that they could fix the issue and get their business moving again. For context, I finished my engagement with this company over four years ago. A large part of me was tempted to tell them where to go, but Steve and I had always gotten on, and I felt for him, so I helped them out and the problem was resolved.

Since then, Steve has bought me numerous pints, and provided a reference on request. You know what they say; never burn bridges.

Written on July 1, 2020